Friday, December 7, 2012

Running, Cookies, Kloe and a Double Rainbow


I am writing this blog while repair man "Yuri" (he's a very nice Russian man.  He likes me cause my name is Russian too.)  is fixing our peice of shit oven. It hasn't been working for over a month now.  Our oven is only 4 years old- what a hunk of junk.  And the part to fix it is $560 plus labour.  Are you freakin kidding me?!!  Luckily our warranty is still good, so atleast the cost of the part is covered.  But still- $200 in labour to fix our dumb oven. It sucks, but enough about that.

I hope that you all enjoyed my debut blog post last week!  My coach told me that I shouldn't swear in my blog.  "It's very un-professional Natasha.  You know once something is online its there forever."  Ryan Brockerville told her I was a grown woman and I could write what I wanted.  I told her that I would keep the swear words to a minimum.  My British friend, Matt, suggested I say "Gall Blimy" instead of swear words. I don't know if that will work.

It's been a pretty busy week.  Let's start off by talking running.  Had a pretty solid week of training- about 120km of running with 3 good workouts.  I had my first track workout of the season last Saturday- 5 X broken 1000s.  (200 hard, 200 mod, ect).  They were mostly 3:07ish, so I was happy with that.  It was awesome being back on the track.   On Tuesday we were training at Como Lake, which is a 1km trail loop with 200m markers along the way.  We saw a double rainbow!  It was actually really cool.  Anyway, I did 6 X 800m, with 200m jog recovery.  Fun times.  Yesterday (Thursday) was hill training at SFU.  Ran 20 mins continuous up and down a big hill.  It's hard.  Then we jogged over to the track ( about 1km) for something fast.  Brit's choice for me yesterday was a hard 800m.  Put my spikes on for the first time since the summer:)  Threw down a 2:17, trying to chase down the boys.  So that brings me to today- Rest day!  Well, sort of....I have to jog 5.7 km (I google mapped it.) to my friend's house where I left my car last night.  I was drinking wine and eating cookies last night.  It was great fun. It was a cookie exchange party. I got to be the judge for the "best tasting cookie" contest.  This meant I got to take a bite of all 17 types of cookies!  Yummy!  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it:))) 

some of the delicious cookies I got to eat:)  I got to take one of each kind home with me too.

We had so much fun!

Last Friday after work I went to my friend Christina's house as she was having a Movember party.  I didn't get there until pretty late, 11:30ish, so everyone was quite intoxicated when I arrived.  I didn't know a lot of people at the party, cause they were Christie's husband's fire-fighter friends.  But they were all really nice and very interested in how fast I could run.  This is when Christie's husband- Steven- started chirrping at me that he was faster then me and he could beat me in a mile. Just because you are a man does not mean you are a better runner then me.  Why do guys always think this?! This is kinda how the conversations went-

Steven- "I could totally kick your ass in a mile."
Me- "I really don't think so"
Christina- "She won the sun run steven!  She will kill you in a race."
Steven- "How fast can you run a mile?"
Me- "I don't know- 4:50 ish?? faster then you."
Steven- "Ok that is fast.  But I can still beat you around the block."
Me- "Fine.  Let's race.  Right now."
Steven- "Done"

So, we decided to race around the block at 1:00am in the pouring rain.  I would say it was like a 600m loop?  Christie outfitted me in her smallest hot pink shorts and nike frees.  I was ready to go!  I knew there was no way drunk Steven would beat me, but I think he really thought he had a chance.  Oh silly Steven.  So as soon as we start running he is trying to grab my shirt and push me.  Already cheating!  We are not even half way, when he suddenly runs through someone's yard and jumps the fence- taking a short-cut!  So of course when I get to the finish he is already there, claiming that he beat me.  What a cheater! Lol.  He cut his leg jumping the 7 foot fence too.  hahahah sucker!  Ah, good times. 

I have been doggie-sitting my friend's 3 year old chocolate lab for the last 8 days.  Her name is Kloe and she is the sweestest, most lovable dog ever.   However, she is exhausting!  This dog has so much energy!  She's insane.  I've ran with her a few times this week (trying to tire her out) and I'm amazed I haven't gotten injured.  Have you ever been in a race with someone that runs past you, cuts you off and slows right down.  Then you pass them, and they do the same thing again?  That's what running with Kloe is like.  She will even just come to a complete stop, causing you to hurdle her- or trip over her. Sometimes, though, she will run beside me like a good dog- untiil she suddenly decides she wants to run on the other side of me and runs right into my legs.  She did this 3 or 4 times tripping me up pretty badly.  I'm honestly shocked that I stayed on my feet.  I should have face planted a few times.  Kloe also likes to carry a stick in her mouth while she is running.  She ran 7km with a 2 foot stick in her mouth.  It's really awesome when she rams the stick into my legs too.  Love that.  So- she's not the best running partner I've ever had.....but atleast my runs weren't boring:) 

This is Kloe. She likes sticks.

Ok what else happened this week- I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday night at the Boathouse. (Server extraordinaire). I did 2 Stella and Dot trunk shows on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm a stylist with Stella and Dot and I sell their gorgeous jewelry.  Anyone have any christmas presents they need to buy????  Email me!  And I had run clinic last night. I lead run clinics for Kintec.  This one is for the "first half" half marathon in Febuary.  They had hill training last night and they did awesome.  So it was a pretty busy week, especially since we had Kloe.  She's a lot of work.  Did I mention that we live in a 650 SQ FT apartment with a cat?  It was pretty crowded in here this week.  

Have a great week!!!
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  1. I can't believe you lost the race around the block. Haha. Jokes of course.