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2012 in the tash lane


I hope that you have all been having a fabulous holiday season.  Mine has been great-just very busy!  As it's the end of the year, I thought it would be fitting to do a "year in review" sort of blog.  So let's get started with the running stuff.

In 2012 I raced 19 times- 4 half marathons, 5 x 10ks, 6 x 5ks, 2 x cross races (6 and 7k), 1 x 1500 and 1 x 13k.  I raced every month except for January and December.  I took a week break in January and I took a 10 day break in July.  Most of my races were great- with wins at the First Half half marathon, the Vancouver Sun Run, the TC 10k, the Vancouver BMO half, the UBC longest day 5k, the Vancouver Lululemon half, the BC 10000m Champs, BC 5k champs, Victoria half marathon, and the BC XC champs.

 However I had some pretty shitty races including my epic fail of a race at the St. Patty's Day 5k in Vancouver last march.  Don't know what happened but I ran 18:20 and couldn't move.  Questions I got asked after the race- "are you injured?", "are you sick?", "are you pregnant?", "are you on your periord?". The last one was the funniest.  Sometimes you just have a bad race.  My favorite saying is "its the bad ones that make you appreciate the good ones." So every once and awhile its good to have a shit race.  Other not so fantastic races this year were the Ottawa 10k and National 5000m champs.  So only 3 out of 19 races sucked.  So that's pretty good.

My top 3 favorite races this year- 1. Winning the Sun Run was pretty cool.  Very unexpected, and gave me a good confidence boost going into the spring season.  2. Getting 3rd place at National XC Champs here in Vancouver with all of my friends and family there and qualifying for worlds.  That was fun.  3. Winning and setting a personal best by over a minute at the Victoria half marathon in October.  That's my favorite race for sure.  I was in 2nd place the whole race until the last 3k.  I really had to fight to win that one, and I'm proud of myself for never giving up.  The big PB was icing on the cake. 
after the victoria half with my friend Kim- she did her first ever half that day!!!!

I set new PBs in every distance except 5k, which was VERY frustrating.  I was in the best shape of my life, but couldn't manage to run a fast 5k.  This year.  It'll happen. 

Ok, so I did a lot of stuff besides running this year.  I did a lot of running, yes, but I also had a lot of fun.  2012 was for sure my favorite year EVER!  I was originally gonna do a top 10 list of 2012, but decided that was too much, so have settled on a top 5.


5. 2 weeks in Phoenix and Palm Springs in March.  That was wonderful.  Did a week of training in Scottsdale, AZ, then flew to Palm Springs where I stayed with my good friend Leisha and her family where I was able to get another stellar week of training in.  It was the first time in my life where I got to spend 2 entire weeks on running without work.  I loved it:)
myself, Julia K, Coach Brit, Ruky A and J Smith

4. Our late honeymoon in Costa Rica in January.  Travis and I spend almost 2 weeks travelling around Costa Rica.  It was so amazing and we had so much fun.  I took 8 days completely off of running and was really able to enjoy our trip.  We got to see lot's of sloth bears.  I like sloth bears.  We tried to catch a monkey by setting up a monkey trap on our balcony- strategically placing a plantain (giant gross banana fruit), on the table.  Not very eloborate and probably why it didn't work.  But it was fun trying. We did lots of cool stuff- zip lining, ATVing, hiking to various volcanoes/waterfalls, horseback riding, white water rafting.  What a great trip!
awe...sunset pic

3. Weekend at Shuswap Lake at the Braeder's place.  7 couples stayed at my friend's place on shuswap lake in July.  It was during my week break off of running, so I didn't have to try and run every morning, which was nice.  We had so much fun- wake-boarding, water skiing, tubing, beach volleyball, sun tanning and of course my favorite activity- flippy cup (best drinking game ever).  There was a lot of booze consumed that weekend- lots of great stories that just aren't approriate for this blog.  It was a great weekend with fantastic friends.
flippy cup!!!! 

2. Mexico in November!  Spent one glorious week in the Mayan for our friend's wedding.  Travis was a groomsman and I was the MC at the recpetion.  That was pretty fun- stressful- but fun.  We stayed at a beautiful 5 star resort- Azul Sensatori.  It was amazing.  We met a lot of awesome people (the Irvings!) and had some fabulous times.  I was even able to run most days while I was there- even with the hangovers:)
Maria and I posing on the beach- wedding day
the wedding party:)

and my number one favorite time from 2012 is.......

1. WHISTLER 50 MILE RELAY WEEKEND!!!  (October) Oh man this was an epic weekend.  It is my number one because it combines running and fun!  There were 8 girls on our team, each running either 13k or 7km leg.  Rachel Cliff, Rebecca Johnstone, Kim D, Kim H, Christie C, Liz N and myself were the HONEYBADGERS.  We don't give a shit.  (please watch the youtube video to understand.)  There were 6 of us staying in one room (it had 2 bedrooms- it was an awesome room).  We went up friday afternoon and had a nice quiet evening in the night before the race.....well....not really quiet....we had a few drinks:))  Learned the Gangum Style dance.  It was a fun night, but 6am wake-up call came very early!!!!  It was freakin cold and it snowed for the first time that season. 
The race was fantastic- the girls all did so awesome.  We ended up placing 3rd all female team!!!  We were super pumped about this.  We had a lot of fun running around the course cheering each other on.
celebration shots!!! (gotta stay warm, right?)
  We got back to the room around 2pm.....and decided to bring the box of wine down to the hot tub.  lol.  We are a classy bunch.  Most of the girls chilled for an hour in the hot tub- but Kim H and I outlasted them all.  We were in the hot tub till about 5.  Yikes.  But there were so many running folks down there, it was so fun! 
ready for the after-party!  christie, liz and me
The Whistler 50 mile relay, formally the Haney to Harrison Ultra, is well know for its epic after-party.  And this year did not disappoint.  We hit up the after party which was held at the confrence center around 9pm.  There was a lot of dancing and a lot of drinking.  We smuggled in our box of wine, which was no longer a box just the bag.  Yup we did that. Kim even switched jeans with a fire-fighter.  So funny.  After the after-party we continued partying at various clubs, eventually arriving back at the hotel at 4am.  It was a very long and fantastic day/night. 

Honorable mentions that didn't make the top 5 include- 
- Weekend away at Birch Bay with Kizashina. love those girls.  Fell off a bike and a trampoline.  lol.
- One year anniversary in Whistler with Travis at the Four Seasons- dinner at Barefoot Bistro was amazing.
- Hitting up 13 wineries in one day in Kelowna with Jess.  16 this summer.  it'll be done.
- My 31st bday party downtown.  wow.  Vancouver kicked my ass that night.   

Thank-you to everyone who was apart of this most amazing year of my life.  You all know who you are.  I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for me- both in life and in running!!!  

Have a fabulous New Year everyone!

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