Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013- I like you so far!

Wow- its been a crazy January so far!  I don't even know where to start with this blog!  Well, I guess I'll start with my most recent race- PIH (Prairie Inn Harrier) 8km road race in Victoria last weekend (Jan. 13)....seems to have people talking a bit!

This is the third time I have raced the PIH 8km road race.  It's always a well put together race, and lots of fun.  Plus, I'm a PIH member, so I like to come and race their events when I can.  Bob Reid always takes care of me when I come over- he's the best!  Leading up to the race, I didn't really taper or do anything "race prep" like.  I worked a 6 hour serving shift the night before the race and got to bed around 12:30....5am wake-up call came damn early!  I caught the 7am ferry from Vancouver to Victoria with 6 other mainland athletes.  I fell asleep on a bench in the cafeteria.  It was awesome. So was the sunrise that's the pic I took

 Bob Reid picked us up at the ferry terminal and drove us to the race course, where we still had an hour to kill before starting warm-ups.  It was about 1C- a bit sunny with some cloud.  But absolutely no wind, which was nice.  Warm-up went well- had fun chatting with Erin Burrett.  We've been racing each other since elementary school- pretty cool that we are still running buddies.

I didn't really have any big expectations for this race.  I knew that I was fit and ready to run fast- but this wasn't a big deal race, so I wasn't too concerned- just wanted to have fun racing. I figured I could run about 27 mins.  When the race started I felt surprisingly good- very peppy.  I was excited to be out racing again.  Here is the race run down-

1km- 3:00- fast, but downhill.
2km- 6:13- flat- feeling good. surprised that km was so fast.
3km- 9:33- uphill- felt awesome going up the hill- passed a lot of guys.  Hoping Idon't slow down!
4km- not sure...12:??...was surprised with how fast I was running.  First time I thought that I might be able to break the course record- 26:08.
5km- nice downhill- 15:48- this is when I was like holy shit.  That was a 24 second 5k PB.  WTF is going on?  Am I gonna die horribly and not be able to finish?  Did I go out way to hard?  I was a bit worried, but still felt really good.  Just kept trying to pass the boys.
6km- slight uphill- 18:59.  OK- only 2km to go!  I can do this! Still feeling smooth. I caught up to my friend Kris Swanson, who said he would help me run the last few Kms.  I said that would be awesome- lets work together!
7km- slight downhill.  Didn't get this split.  I'm starting to hurt now.  Kris is getting a few steps on my now.  I know that the last km is all up hill.  Hold it together Tasha!
8km- 25:28- yay!  Complete and total shock as I cross the finish line.  Did I really just run that time?  And of course I'm thinking- sweet I just broke the course record $1000 bonus! yes! lol

Here is the interview I did with Chris Kelsall of Athletics Illustrated about an hour after my race:)

Highlight video of the race- thanks Athletics Illustrated!

After the race, I got in a good warm down with Erin B, Sabrina and Mark Wilkie.  My I.T. band was hurting, and I was a bit worried....but it's been all good this week (thanks to my fabulous massage therapist Danielle Mah from Impulse Sport Therapeutics).  This has been a crazy week.  I'm still on a high from my new PB, course record and apparently (not confirmed)- Canadian 8k record!  I am super stoked to see what this season has in store for me:)

So following the race I've been getting the same questions again and again-
"Was the course short?"- NO
"Are you on drugs?" (check out the feed....people are assholes!) - NO!  Unless you consider wine a drug.  I like to drink my fair share of wine:)
"How did you run so fast?"- please see the interview I did for Canadian Running for complete answer-

One thing I didn't mention in the interview that I think is very important is BALANCE!  You can't be all about running all the time.  You have to have other things going on in your life- work, friends, family, fun!  If you only concentrate on running fast you become obsessed with every last detail- not a good idea. I believe that I have a lot of balance in my life- while running is my number one priority- its not my only priority.  I have a lot of other stuff going on.  Speaking of other stuff, I had some fun times this past week.

We did a girls trip to Harrison Hot Springs.  I felt bad for all the couples in the Hot Springs trying to have romantic time, while 7 of us crazy girls were drinking wine from the box and being all sorts of loud and inappropriate.  It was so much fun- I may have even jumped in the pool in my fleece!
 While we had a crazy good time, I also got in a good run the next day- it was so beautiful up there.

Also went to my pretty awesome staff party this week and celebrated my friend Kim's 30th Bday with a fabulous dinner at the Firehall Bistro this past Saturday.

So next up is NACAC XC Champs in Jamaica....I leave tomorrow morning!  I am super excited, and nervous of course.  I know that I am fit and ready to run fast....just gotta keep my head in the game.  I'll blog about the trip when I get back! 

Gotta go pack!  Have a great weekend!

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